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ok I think sumit more drawn in flash I dont if understar me..
but can do more for newground because i can make more stuff new for newground,yeah but can be only draw for now..
but may be can try do a flash in the future ...

ok what ever I wait can do more for that little place with my fav flash ok

ok! not one of my best questions for news, but good if you do not know what I'm talking about easy!

1. Which is your favorite?
2. Thing that rarely in that program?
3. Which character do you most?
4. Sublimation to see that program?
5. and hate of the characters?

in this picture we have all the shows for children.
like Dora the explorer
,Blue house bear
,wonder pets,bob
,Lazy town,
Sesame Street
,Barney, teletubies,
Muppet Babies.

and now that I say?

what is your favorite children's program?, or who see strange about that?

people think of the kids bullies?

2011-08-09 23:31:45 by angelXdevil

bully are people who hate self !

I my opinion I have many things to think about the bullies who spend all day taking advantage of others, and also are perhaps people who need love?
So I think for the reason that the kids are into is acausa adults.
it's just curious to ask about that!

people think of the kids bullies?

is not just that if anyone can inspire a story, as this would start, or if you want it to be something that they like it?
no more need some help, little help!

who wants to help me with my animation, or rather an idea for a mini story or something.

debutare soon, my flash, and I hope you like them!
While not, nor am I sure, but try to do all the best for me and the artists, creators of flash with big ideas.

While I have not done a flash but I hope to do now and leave me something creative, so I think, and I have a headache.
nor am I sure try, but I hope to finish and rose.

angel mean innocent who only want friend
devil mean a girl hot who want have conquer this place!
angel? or Devil ?

ok I am a girl extrenare my flash coming soon, and I hope you like them!

people cool

2011-01-03 04:36:06 by angelXdevil

sexy horny /post#
I wante friend and boy friend but please
go ans commenten please...
and sent mail for be friend.....

make friend sometime try make flashe....

2010-02-27 15:26:16 by angelXdevil